Our sophisticated process addresses your site health from a technical, backlink, and competitor vantage point. Allowing us to focus on your sites unique strength to bring predictable results.

Think of this stage of your campaign as the high altitude, Olympic training regimen your site desperately needs. We make your site agile, strong, & light; preparing it for the upcoming battle of attaining the top ranked positions in the search engines. Then we bring your site down to sea level to start our link building campaign and watch your site soar.



You can't win a marathon if you're out of shape.

Technical SEO is hugely underrated, and we’re your digital physicians to get your site healthy enough to compete.

We increase your crawl rate so Google bots will visit your site more. This will raise your indexation so you show up for more keywords.  We then “trim the fat” so Google looks at your site and only finds highly relevant and useful content they’ll want to rank for their users. This makes you more attractive to Google, and they’ll give your site preference over your competition.

We also consolidate link equity by transferring existing ranking signals to areas of your site where it matters the most.  Wisely utilizing your existing resources prepares you for explosive growth in the search engines for the coming link building campaign.


Your backlink profile is your biggest asset.
You must protect it, build it, and nurture it.


In order to develop the right SEO strategy, you need a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.  Building phenomenal backlinks will do nothing if you’re starting out with a handicap. We identify toxic backlinks from shady sites and disassociate your site from the “bad neighborhoods”.  Then we gauge the power of your site to better understand what type of link building strategies to pursue.  This way we’re not going in blind and come up short in the long run. After that, we identify pages with existing backlinks to help us pinpoint the best area to focus our efforts.


All of the preparation and insight we gain is worthless if we’re going in blind.

In order to best prepare your unique strategy that drives success, we need to look at your competitors.  First we identify what they’re doing right, and formulate our strategy on how to beat them. Then we identify what your competitors are doing wrong, and learn from their mistakes.

We get the full picture on what we’re dealing with, account for your business objectives, and develop a strategy designed to bring you the revenue you’re looking to attain.